The Three Hearts Dance Story

We all have stories. Some that are joyful and some that we try to keep to ourselves. These stories are important. Telling them unleashes freedom for both you and the ears that they fall on. Here is the story of how God weaved together The Three Hearts Dance Story.


Lexie Bristol, Three Hearts Dance Artistic Director, has always had a heart for her visions to be fully expressed with those that are bold enough to show life in a raw and creative way. While studying dance at Florida State College at Jacksonville, Bristol created a piece called “5 Hearts” based off of Gary Chapman's book, “The Five Love Languages." Little did she know that this story would be the foundation of a journey of storytelling through dance.


After college, this desire to share continued. In 2013, alongside two dance campanions, Ashley Bruns and Lisa Pellittiere, Bristol pursued performance opportunities to present works such as “5 Hearts.” In a quick moment without a true group name, the ladies decided to call themselves Three Hearts Dance with inspiration from her college work. The three ladies took their passion for dance into different venues but their hearts were connected from that moment on.


 In 2016, God changed the course for THD by reconnecting Bristol with old dance friends, Erica Morris and Lisa Pellittiere. Their time together started out as a bible study and quickly turned into conversations of where our passion of dance was leading us. God used these conversations, and many amazing signs, to lead them into the official launch of Three Hearts Dance.  In the first true season of Three Hearts Dance the dancers focused on the theme WARRIORS. They produced three concept videos and created the basis of what Three Hearts Dance is. Once again the passion for dance took these ladies into different areas but the vision of THD moved forward!


In 2017, Lexie Bristol took on the owner and director position of THD and the mission grew. During it’s 2nd season THD focused on BOLD beauty discovering what it means to be fearfully and wonderfully made. Chapter 3 was the theme for THD's third performance season. This wasn’t the beginning but it certainly wasn’t the end!


With a zeal to produce and direct, Bristol is now taking THD into season season with a new intentionality. The same heart for storytelling now at a new level. Be a part of our story as we unleash freedom through dance. Follow us as we share optimism, artistry, and love!