This season we focused on the theme of BEELINE which means to go straight to. We created works based off of 9 “Be Words.” (See them listed below.) We challenged ourselves as artists and for our audience members to go straight to what God is calling them to. Using these words below to guide the way.

Be Wise

Be Strong

Be Joyful

Be Merciful

Be Content

Be Courteous

Be Faithful

Be Kind

Be Thankful

Our theme video is a colorful and artistic collision of symbols of what Season 6 meant. Each of the visuals seen in the video have a meaning behind them. We hope that these help you to connect to the artistic choices we made in this video. WATCH OUR BEELINE VIDEO

Wigs- Knowledge/ Wisdom

Glasses- Vision

Makeup- Speaking Life

Lights- Hope

Plants- New Beginning

Heels- Continuing on in the journey while stay connected to your mission

9 Dancers- 9 “Be Words”

Yellow- Purification

Black- Strength

White- New Beginnings

Use our JOURNAL PROMPTS to help you connect to our story. Watch the story behind this video where we interview dancer, Jordan Cowman about his experience participating in this video. We hope that this video encourages you!