Speak Your Mind?

Switzerland Dance School. Our 2nd Storyteller Series. This studio is where the founders of Three Hearts Dance met and where many seeds of this company were planted and watered. Being able to create a video with this company, a decade after I personally stopped training there, was truly a divine work. God is just too cool sometimes.

The SDS ladies were given the story, “I Am” where we discussed the power of the tongue. God gave us free will and with this, the gift of speech.

Together we got deep in the word, discussing that out of the abundance of our heart (our thinking, our passions, and our belief systems) comes our words. And that these words can be used for life and death or blessings and curses.

Sometimes the very thing we are called to do… We talk against. Talk about feeling convicted.

The bible says, “So as a man speaks so is He.” This is shown in the very beginning of the video. The words (in black and white collared shirts) due a section of choreography and the other groups behind them follow. This builds until ultimately the formation is broken showing that words can break up a solid structure.

The song chosen for this video sounds soft, similar to a lullaby. This symbolizes that we can be put to sleep spiritually by words. We are often unaware that we are creating our own life story with every word we say.

In our storytelling time (the discussion and improvisational dance time used to grow deeper into the video meaning), we took this a step further. We broke down the title, “I Am.” Discussing the many ways God refers to Himself as I Am (see bible verse references below.) When we declare I Am statements over ourselves we are using the authority of God to declare these words over ourselves.

Read that again.

Let it sink in.

For example, I am brave or I am scared and I am loved or I am alone. We are using His power to place these words upon ourselves. So, what are the words you are speaking over yourself?

In this video you will see the dancers fighting or battling against the words that they struggle with. The words are represented by the dancers who are wearing black shirts with a white lining. These shirts show that the dark or negative words can take over even if they have a bit of life (white) in them.

Because the Switzerland Dance School are just some rad spiritual chicks, we took this a little further and discussed words in relation to others. We discussed times where others spoke life and/ or death over us. We discussed what became of this. We talked about the scientific research done that shows plants grow larger with a brighter hue of green when they were consistently spoken life over. This is shown at 2:23 and again in the entire section starting at 2:52. These ladies show how our words can be used to put other down or can lift others up to work together to achieve greatness.

At the end of the piece, you see dancers in praise. Glorifying the Great I Am that is the King of unleashing freedom. The purpose of this section is show that God is good. That He is faithful and worthy of praise. That even when we get it wrong .. Even when we mess up He is there to help us get to the other side. He picks us up, encourages us to brush off the dirt, and gives us strength to try again.

We may not always use our speech for greatness. We may slip up but my prayer is that this video helps us all to be more aware of what we are saying and more aware of the Power of the Great I Am.

Bible Verse Inspiration:

Verses discussing the power of the tongue= Matt 12: 36-37; James 3:2-12; Proverbs 15:4; Proverbs 12:18; Proverbs 18:21

Verses discussing the Great I Am= John 15:1-5; John 6:35-48; John 8:12; John 9:5; John 10:7; John 10:11-14; John 11:25; John 14:6

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