Rip it up... Throw it away

Three Hearts Dance officially launched Storytellers Series during Season 4. This program brings the THD filming experience to studios, schools, and companies. Providing them with the opportunity to bring their technique and artistry to the film world in their own unique Three Hearts Dance Story. If you would like to learn more about this program email

Our first official studio was In His Steps Dance Company located in Wildwood, Florida. These talented ladies learned three minutes of choreography in a two day intensive. When THD returned a few weeks later to film, they got to experience the excitement of what it means to change locations due to weather. It was God’s final artistic touch ;)

The Three Hearts Dance Story for the In His Steps company members was based off the idea of breaking free from old memories or past encounters. We all have those situations from our past that replay like broken records. Am I the only one that gets trapped in a cycle of replaying old stories? I get caught up in my own inner dialogue. Trying to replay a memory that I would like to live again.

The choreography came from a real sappy moment for me personally. As much as I love Taylor Swift, I tend to not make my art about boys. Or, men. I guess I am old now I should start referring to them as men. (Insert hands up emoji here) Sometimes I feel as a dance teacher I shouldn't open up about this part of my life to protect my students from the confusion that is my "love life." This piece tho… It is about a man. A situation in a relationship that I would go back to mentality and replay over and over. I was all in my feels. I heard this song. I thought of the record props. And the rest is now on YouTube.

Because THD is about taking our stories and using them for a purpose. And because I believe that God uses all relationships as a way to learn lessons. I didn’t share these heart throb details with the In His Steps ladies. That was the inspiration that got me thinking BUT not the ultimate purpose for this dance. Instead, I asked them, and now I ask you, what is a relationship, situation, or problem in your past are you going over in your head? Is there a conversation with a friend that keeps popping up? Or, an incident from your childhood? Maybe it is a phase of life that you wish you would of made a series of different choices.

These recollections may not be all bad but holding on to it could be holding you back from what and who is currently in front of you. Are these thoughts holding you back from embracing the reality of what is in front of you?

Whatever it is. Take this story and write it out. All the thoughts. All the details. All the hopes. All the ways you think it went and how you would like it to be changed.

Now, rip it up. Yes. Rip it up. It could be just one nice tear down the center of the page. Or, if you are a bit extreme like myself, tear that sucker up in to a million pieces.

Once you’ve done this. Take a deep breath and throw them out. Once again, if you want to go over and above… take it directly out back (front depending on your garage location) and show it who is boss. Going back over stories of our past only leads us down a rabbit hole of shoulda, coulda, wouldas… and we know that game isn’t really all that fun. In the end, where does this really get you? Please note- I am not saying that you should completely shut yourself out to the people, places, or even the events that have been a part of these past encounters. (Unless they are truly toxic- to that I say proceed with caution.) What I am saying is to let go of the ACTUAL memories. The mind play of rehashing conversations. The imagining and daydreaming. THOSE are what should let go of. THOSE are what hold you back.

Let’s unite together and unleash freedom from those broken records like that pretty blonde at 1:43. (See Do You Remember video HERE). We can’t rewrite the past. Memories are to be cherished but not held on to with a death grip.

A super big THANK YOU to the ladies of In His Steps Dance Company. You are beautiful, professional, and talented young women of God that will forever hold a special place in my heart as our first official Storytellers Series project! I hope you love the finished product :)

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