Subtle Costume Change

The metamorphosis of a butterfly has 4 stages. I believe any type of life renewal or rebirth follows these same stages. In this video you will see the talented Joanna of Selah Ministries wearing dresses that represent these 4 stages. Joanna’s outfits subtly change to symbolize that people’s lives are constantly evolving around us. If we pay attention we can see signs of their metamorphosis. Maybe we can help to encourage them through these following phases.

First, larva. The feeding stage. Eating the leaves of this world. These ideas thicken us up making it so we have to change. We are so eager for pleasure, excitement, or just to fill voids that we ingest what can sometimes be unhealthy amounts. Soon this indulging moves us to our next phase.

Second, the chrysalis seems almost lifeless because the old way of life is coming to an end. Our choices have brought us to a place of no return. This is when Jesus enters the scene. He meets us in our spiritual lifelessness. He shows us that He took our lifelessness for us at the cross. We don’t have to carry the weight of what we once indulged in. Because of this we can enter our next stage.

Third, the cocoon. The transformation into a new creation. We confess our sins and receive His forgiveness. His healing powers surrounds us and we are protected by the love of Jesus. This love pushes us on in our spiritual journey.

Finally, the butterfly flies, something it couldn’t do before. It feeds on sweet nectar, a symbol of the bible, no longer able to eat the leaves of this world. The torn cocoon is not be needed anymore. The butterfly now has the opportunity to soar. To reach new heights that couldn’t be seen or understood before.

That’s sounds pretty right?

I interrupt this beautiful story about Jesus to give you some dirt on this project.

When I first started brainstorming for this I imagined everything happening in the dark, much like the lyrics of the song. I wanted the beginning to be eerie to showcase what I felt like my soul looked like before I was saved. But… then we went with the gorgeous deLo Studios as our location and… well you just have to showcase that amazing place.

So, I got to thinking. Maybe that was a God thing. I mean, don’t we often display ourselves in beautiful environments even though our souls and parts of our lives are a wreck? We have beautiful Instagram posts but do we actually feel as bright in our hearts as that perfect lighting we used for our photo. Our world is pressuring us more and more to display even our transformations in a easy to view light. “In The Dark” showcases that. A beautiful woman going dancing around a beautiful space. The only indication of this transformation is that subtle change of clothing. This once again is a reminder to pay close attention to those signs of metamorphosis around you so you can encourage others through their life transitions.

As you watch this video I hope that you are filled with hope for the beauty of a soul’s metamorphosis. If you don’t know what it means to have your soul reborn by the power of Christ, please reach out. I would love to talk with you!

Watch IN THE DARK again. Click HERE!