At the beginning of Season 4 Three Hearts Dance went through a shift that went beyond a new logo. THD took time to pause and take a look at our actions. During this time, as Artistic Director, I often found myself saying, “Wait. Why?”

This video starts with a view from above. This a visual to the the time taken to step away and look from a distance. For me, I went off social media for 40 days. I took some extended time off work to really focus in on what areas of Three Hearts Dance, as well as, my personal life needed to shift. Do you feel that you need to take time away to look at your choices? Or to look within?

Next, you will see sections of dance with 2 groups moving at different speeds. This brings a visual to the idea that we all move at different paces and are constantly flowing from season to season. I often get hard on myself when I am not producing or living up to standards given by myself and others. I look at others and their path forgetting that my race is different than theirs. My path is my own and my speed is my own. Do you get caught up in comparison? Always looking to the right and the left at what is happening in other lanes? What can we do to remind us that or journey is just right for us?

You will see movements of connection between dancers showing how we need one another to remember our why. You see that the dancers lift each other up and even force each other into another place. Sometimes I get butt hurt when I have a mentor or close friend encourages me to grow. Rather than comforting me with sweet talk, these people stir me on with words that point me to the next level. Who do you have in your life that support you through life’s ups and downs? How do you react to those that speak truth?

The final portion of the dance is unison. This shows that we are stronger together. That there is power in a unified why. I personally tend to be an introvert. I often find myself recharged when I am alone in my thoughts and my own creative process. Along the journey of life, specifically with the development of Three Hearts Dance, I have found that a unified why is the only way for things to grow strong for endurance. What areas of your life can you invite others in? What unified why do you need to join?

I hope that this journal encouraged and challenged you. I hope that you see this video as more than just a visual with amazing dancers ;) We are Three Hearts Dance. And this is a Three Hearts Dance Story.

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