Girl.. let it go

I am a doer. For a few seasons now I have attempted to fearlessly push through opinions, obstacles, and excuses to make THD artistic visions come to life. I take a little too much liking to being known as a girl who gets it done, no matter what.

Well. This Fall when asked to work with Florida School of the Arts on not one but TWO dance videos… I was all in. I love a good project with a quick turn around time. With all the ideas ready for our small group, I was ready to pull as many strings as possible to bring it to life.

Then, as the details to this big vision started to come together. I began to sense a theme. They were all … just okay. They just weren’t what they needed to be to fulfill the vision that this story.


I let it go.

2 hours before our first rehearsal. I switched the song and manipulated the original choreography to it.

A new story unfolded. Meant to Be. I had to let that old vision go. If it that video was meant to be the exact details we needed for it to come to life would happen. In the right timing.

For those of you that know me… I don’t do this well. I REALLY enjoy being an artist that starts AND finishes projects. I don’t like putting my ideas to the side. I don’t like feeling like time or energy has been wasted.

Through this project, I was reminded that I am not the author of my life story. Or, any Three Hearts Dance Stories. God is. He is the one that assigned me this project to for FloArts. The story that He called us to create together needed to be told. This story was one of letting go. This story was was … Meant to Be.

When entering the studio with the Floies, I had to tell them the story of how their vision was developed. And throughout the process of creating this video we discussed relationships, habits, and mindsets that we have to let go in order for our real life story to be told.

Shoutout to the movers for making this video happen… Even while dancing on concrete with rain. A very special thank you to Logan Morris and Jamie Davis for their hard work to perfect this piece!

So, now it’s your turn. What are you gripping too tightly to? What do you need to let go of for your full story to be told? Let it go. I’m sure God’s got something pretty great up His sleeves.

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