Fire. Sharing your passion with this others. Creating this video was truly a group effort. Choreography. Costumes. Locations. Many details of this project were added because of collaborative conversations. This helped to deepen the meaning of this piece of sharing your fire with others.

"The collaborative energy from working with so many talented creative's is an experience I will never grow tired of and It's an honor for me to have a hand in the creative process."- Will D.

In true THD fashion, this project came together quickly during the 4th of July holiday week. 2 Choreographers and 2 Dancers worked passionately to ensure the dancing was created, learned, and executed. 2 film days and 2 locations made for unique backdrops. 1 Videographer made sure the visuals are exciting. And 1 fire performer provided an exciting flair to this Three Hearts Dance Story.

“Although the process of creating these projects is fast moving, this film process was made so much easier because the talented and quick learning dancers we were able to work with.”- Peyton B.

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