Story Building Breakdown

WHOLE HEART was a StoryTellers Series created with Switzerland Dance School in St.Johns, Fl. These young dancers connected to the choreography during our “Story Building” time by journaling. Below is a description of their journal prompts.

Day 1- The dancers were given their Three Hearts Dance journal. They were asked to draw a giant heart. Next, they were directed to fill the heart with words that described them. Their talents, gifts, interests, hair, age, eyes, etc..

We discussed the following bible verses and how they connect to the idea of us being unique.

1 Samuel 16: 17, Romans 12: 4-6, Psalms 139: 14, 1 Corinthians 3: 16

During our first day of rehearsals for the creation of “WHOLE HEART” we celebrated ourself and others. We encouraged one another that being excited for someone else doesn’t mean there is less for us personally. We encouraged each other to celebrate being who we truly are. When we step into our true self, we help others to be their true self.

Day 2- On the second day of rehearsal we opened up our bibles to the story of David and Goalith in 1 Samuel 17. We talked about how David didn’t use the armor or the systems of the other soliders. He trusted what God placed in him was a unique gifting, not following but using what he has to fight.

Dancers were asked to journal with the following prompts:

  1. What do you bring to the fight?

  2. When did you showcase a unique perspective?

  3. Who are you following?

After journaling, dancers were reminded that we should give our whole heart to the places we are called to be. We are to do our best with what we are given! We should all perform, participate, and be a part of where we are with authentic and genuine joy, love, hope, and belief.

CLICK HERE to see the video “WHOLE HEART.”

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Here are some additional aspects that are unique the venue used during this shoot. Look our for these when watching "WHOLE HEART."

Building- Comfort zone or playing safe. Staying in cycles that we were born into or that we are living in.

Ramp- Putting on true self. Embracing your unique gifts & talents.

Field- True joy deep within the soul. Understanding your unique talents and celebrating others. Together while bringing your genuine self forward.

Room- Taking the lessons we learned in our safe place out into the world!

Stairs- Being tested or challenged to follow. A space where you have to hold on to who God told you are.

Hallways- Transitions. We are always going to have to continually remind ourselves of who God calls us to be and how we are to move through life.