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Four- the number that symbolizes God setting all the things in order

The warm up is crucial for many athletes. When stepping into a ballet class the dancer understands the importance of the barre. Those exercises prepare you for the center floor. The audience may never see those exercises, but, they are what shapes the performer and their performance.

This idea is true for runners as well. When running a marathon, every mile matters. At the beginning, the runner knows that they are setting themselves up for success. Shaking out their legs. If they rush the first few miles, they could burn out too soon. Watching their pace ensures their overall victory.

Three Hearts Dance is entering our forth performance season. Our first three seasons were intentionally planned. Every plie mattered. Every step of each mile established us into who we are now. Our class. Our race… It isn’t done. It’s truly just getting started. But, with this season comes a shift. A transition away from the barre into center floor. An acceleration in speed as we continue in our race. Warning, our next movements may look different from where we have been, but, we are still Three Hearts Dance. And this Three Hearts Dance Story is looking to be one that is truly written by the coolest Author.

Be sure to check out our YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram as our forth season evolves. We are excited to share what God has put on our hearts to share with you!

In faithful belief,

Lexie Bristol

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