Optimism. Artistry. Love.

Three Hearts Dance is my passion project. A baby I was blessed to have birthed with dear friends and now take on as my own the past 2 years. As our brand grew to become more than just friends performing together... I had an interesting moment during a morning meditation session. As I was journaling I heard, "Go to the mailbox." I questioned this. Why would God ask me to go to the mailbox when I was praying?

But, I went to the mailbox. I found a magazine. I opened up to an index page with the numbers 1, 2, and 3 down the far right side. Under 1 it said OPTIMISM. Under 2 it said ARTISTRY. Under 3 LOVE. I instantly knew that THESE words were going to define Three Hearts Dance.

These words have help to shape THD through our first 2 performance seasons. As we entered into our third season, I felt led to create dance films based on each of these words. Check out what our amazing collaborators and dancers created!


We are not going to live life as "starving artists" ... continuously complaining about a career we chose to build. We GET to do this. In this film you will see cleansing water, hopeful light, and a shifted perspective. They come together to create a rainbow. The hues of God's promises are seen when we chose to change our mindset! Check out the video by clicking the graphic below :)


We are a ministry that is going to DO church. We are going to have the conversations. We are going to include not exclude. We will show the stories of God's people through creativity. In this film you will see a table where all stories are welcome. You will see lanterns of enlightenment, candles of hope, and chairs for a place of spiritual rest for souls. You will see a table... a place where connections are made. Check out the video by clicking the graphic below :)


Finally... The reckless, overwhelming, limitless love of God. We will chose to continue learning to love like Jesus and share it with others. In this film you will see movement inspired by Corrine Sharpe's story, "A Royal Love Revealed." You will see a young girl catch a glimpse of His heart and because of this lives are changed. Check out the video by clicking the graphic below :)

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We are Three Hearts Dance... and this is a Three Hearts Dance Story!