GREEN LIGHTS-My Experience

I am part of the Three Hearts Dance family and I am a dancer, but most of my involvement has been in supporting and growing the dreams and goals of my dear friend Lexie Bristol, who is one of the founders. Being a full-time working mother of a three and five-year-old makes it a little challenging to commit to practices, performances and film days. As a former NFL Cheerleader and Hip-hop dance teacher, my insecurities of my skills in the contemporary style of dance is also a personal stumbling block in dancing with the company.

When I got a call that Three Hearts was producing a story that is a hip-hop piece I prayed I could work my schedule to dance, and so it was.

I had the honor of dancing with these amazing people to tell a specific story…

When you have a personal dream or goal in mind and are striving to achieve it, are you distracted by the red lights on your journey? Are you so focused and concerned with the red lights in your path that you are unable to see the green lights that God places along the way? If we are willing to change our perspective and practice a new mind-set, soon all we CAN see is green lights.

We worked hard to learn, perfect and film this story in about a week. I was so tired and sore after the process but once it was all over, I wished I could dance that hard with those dancers every day. I am so thankful to be a part of Three Hearts Dance at any capacity, but this experience is unforgettable. My prayer is that this story inspires you to change your perspective to see the good, the go and the God in your life.

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