unPlugged- The Struggle is Real

Smart phone. Laptop. Touchpad. Facebook. Instagram. Email. Twitter. Pinterest. Click. Save. Double Tap. Scan PDF. Username. Password. Creepin’. Is there an app for that? Followers. DM. Can you shoot me that in an email? Like. Share. Comment. Let me Google it. Did you see my story? Let me check in. #hashtag. Do you have a charger?Alexa…. Tell me a joke.

The Struggle is real. The story of unPlugged came because connecting outside of technology is hard. We all see it and understand it. It’s just a daily awareness of what these things are doing in our lives and relationships.

Working with the Florida School of the Arts dancers was an overwhelming experience. Three Hearts Dance challenged the movers to make this vision more than just a grade. I asked them to give up one social media app or item during the Three Hearts Dance 3-day residency. My assistant and I led dancers through structured improvisations, as we call it “Story Building”, that pushed dancers to dig deeper into what being connected really is. Our final rehearsal day left many dancers and myself in tears… raw and real life happened in those moments. Because of those rehearsals, we were able to make the idea of being “unplugged” more than just a dance film. We were able to ask questions and tap into what our technology is doing to us.

“The experience I had with Three Hearts Dance was unreal. Never before had I been able to take myself so far from my comfort zone and just move. Three Hearts gave me the knowledge and opportunity to dance so freely and I can’t thank them enough for it. I am a new dancer thanks to them!”- Kate G.

Here is some the research used to help during our “Story building” time. How does this relate to your life experience?

63% of Americans log in social media sites daily; 40% log in multiple times a day.

53% of surveyed users changed their behavior based of their online experiences; 51% changed to a negative behavior because of a decline in confidence.

2/3 of above admitted to having difficult relaxing when unable to use social media accounts.

95% of teenagers witness cyber bulling; 33% were victims

70% of teenagers ages 12-17 use social media. Those that use on a daily basis are 3x more likely to use alcohol & 2% more likely to use marijuana. 40% admitted they have been exposed to pictures of these items.

Surveys show that Pinterest users experience high levels of insecurity. Facebook and Twitter have feelings of being unsuccessful or lack of intelligence.

Research shows that the brain can’t fully focus on 2+ tasks at once. This hinders the information processing and productivity.

Here are some questions dancers were asked during our “Story building” time. Would you dare to answer these yourself?

Could I call instead of text? Why do I use these apps?

How do I connect outside of technology?

How does it feel to speak to someone who is on their device?

When was the last time I put the phone down and made the choice to be present?

What should I take time away from?

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