Here we are. The end of one chapter and the beginning of another. How quickly it all happens. The excitement of creating a new vision of a new year. Then it all happens, and before you know it, you are back to the drawing table preparing for the next year. The next chapter of this story of life.

Last year, I decided to start dedicating words for my year. I wanted to begin the tradition of choosing words that would shape my journey for the next 365 days. Entering into 2017 I was feeling feisty. I was hungry to build, create, experience and chase down my words… UNCHARTED, PRESENCE, and CONVERSATION.

Let me tell you. 2017 was Bigger. Deeper. Fuller. Much of the happenings where SOO good. Some, well, not so much. Those left battle wounds that I am learning from. I have grown into a deeper version of myself with thicker skin. I learned that when you truly dive into a full life, you aren’t always immune to the exhaustion that comes with the hustle. That seeing your dream come true means YOU have to see that your dream comes true. And that being “the girl who makes it happen” is a blessing and a curse. If you want a fresh paint job through out your entire townhouse…you have to freaking slap on your paint clothes and do it. If you want to run a half marathon you have to run... 13.1 miles … rain or shine. For the record, my newest race metal looks pretty rad on my nicely painted walls. Watching those visions come to life is so rewarding. Those uncharted territories, moments of presence, and real life conversations have made 2017 a year unlike any other. They carried Three Hearts Dance into our third season, “Chapter Three.”

As I entered into my winter break on Friday, December 15th I had an intention of sitting down and planning my 2018. For my home. For my JCDS Dance Program. For Three Hearts Dance. Here I am on December 31st. Sixteen days later. I have listened to podcasts (shout out to Rachel Luna from Girl Confident). I have read blogs.I have mediated. I have journaled (thanks to the prompt from Hilary Rushford of Dean Street Society). I have prayed. My candles are half burned and my coffee mug is empty.

Here is where I am. Post reflection. Scars and all. Ready but honestly a little hesitant for 2018. These next plans. These next goals. These next dreams. These next ideas. These next projects. I know they are from God. I know that we are called to do it. But I am a little scared. Where is the money coming from? Where is the energy coming from? Who is truly going to be on my side along the way? Am I crazy? Where will I actually be at the end of 2018?

After much prayer time where I truthfully yelled at God in a way a two year old throws a tantrum… I heard “Stop Doubting. Just Believe.” And just like that I have chosen my word for 2018. BELIEVE. I am choosing to believe that this is from God and because of that I will see it into fruition. Just like 2017. It will happen with His faithful care. I believe we will have the funds. I believe we will have an abundance of energy. I believe that our circle will be strong and united. I believe that I am called to be crazy. I choose to believe in my story. I choose to believe in the chapter of 2018. The Author is writing it and with Him, it is always a happy ending.

I am Three Hearts Dance… And this is a Three Hearts Dance Story.

In fearless BELIEF,



"Thunder"- Imagine Dragons

"Even When it Hurts"- Hillsong UNITED

"Even If"- Mercy Me