WIDE AWAKE- Questions Answered

What is the story/theme?

Sleepwalking, also known as somnambulism, is a state of combined sleep and wakefulness. It is a sleep disorder most common in children and most likely to occur if a person is sleep deprived. During this state of insensibility, people are unaware of what is truly going on around them. They can be subject to illusions without proper judgement. Sleepwalkers can be seen sitting up in bed, walking into the bathroom, making violent gestures, grabbing objects, and displaying other unusual behaviors.While collectively creating this work, dancers were asked the following questions. We encourage the audience to focus inward and ask themselves the same questions.

What does it mean to be spiritually awake? Spiritually asleep?

What are you closing your eyes to?

Where do you need to shine light?

In what areas of your life are you sleepwalking?

Where did this vision come from?

The inspiration for this project came in an eerily perfect fashion. THD had plans for a different project this summer. But, after listening to “WIDE AWAKE” by Lannds, I knew I needed to sit down with the woman behind the music and see where this song came from. After listening to Rania describe her inspiration behind the music, I knew this project needed to be moved to the top of our list. When describing this song she spoke of living in a world where you're awake and aware but everyone else is asleep or unaware. As a choreographer, usually my story or visuals come first-- then the daunting task of finding the song that completes the idea. “WIDE AWAKE” was unique in the fact that the song came first. That was cool!

Why a hotel?

I chose the hotel because so many events, situations, and conversations happen in hotels. People come and go without really giving too much thought to the actual building itself or to the other people staying there. Yes, for some people they choose the 5 star resort with the fancy corner room or the suite in the same block as the others in their party. But, when taking a step back, the hotel is really just a place that resembles a home. It’s not a real home. For those that are spiritually sleepwalking (and from what I know of my seasons of sleepwalking) that is what the setting of their lives resemble: a building that may be missing the substance and deep roots that are home.

What made this project unique?

“WIDE AWAKE” was an exciting experience of collaboration! Since we were filming during the summer, between Three Hearts Dance performance seasons, we were able to invite college students to participate during their summer break. We were able to work with dancers from Florida School of the Arts, Florida State College at Jacksonville, Jacksonville University, and University of South Florida. To challenge the artistry of these collegiate dancers, I used a collaborative approach to the choreography. I came into each rehearsal with tasks, as opposed to set choreography, and together we worked to create the visuals you see in the film. I am so grateful to have worked with these dancers. And of course special thanks to Eriden Images for once again taking the pieces and making it all come together beautifully! Our paths may have only all come together to make this one project but, together we are Three Hearts Dance and this is our freaking rad Three Hearts Dance Story!


Much love,

Lexie Bristol