Season 3 Sponsors

Some people come into your life and shape you. They don’t just act as BYSTANDERS. They come along on your journey and help form you into your truest form. I am truly blessed to have such impactful people in my life. Many of them are entrepreneurs and business owners who have not only given me advice, but have become sponsors for Three Hearts Dance. I am still not quite so sure how I have been so lucky to come into the circles of these amazing people… let alone to be able to do business with them.

With out further ado, I am truly honored to introduce our Season Three Sponsors. Please take the time to follow them on social media and explore what they are all about! These are not just brands. They are amazing leaders who have changed my life and the life of THD!

Artists in Motion: Mariah Scarlet, the Artistic Director of Artists in Motion was my first hardcore ballet teacher. This woman... Kicked. My. Butt. Like literally. Since meeting in high school she has done nothing but present opportunities for my growth as a dancer, choreographer, and director. A few years ago, at The Loop, Mariah met with me and several other teachers to begin her studio. Listening to her unpack all her plans that day was eye opening. Helping her lay her marley was painful. Announcing her as our 2017-2018 host studio is an answer to prayers. Thank you to Mariah for dealing with my major Senioritis and for continuing to believe in my reckless spirit.

To learn more about Artist in Motion head to their website.

Massage Envy: Massage Envy Bartram Park was my first big girl job. This place is so important to the development of me and ultimately the development of Three Hearts Dance. I worked this job in college along with 1, sometimes 2 other jobs. And to be honest I don’t think I will ever not be a ME employee. For real, I just closed at the Ortega store last Tuesday. These people, this brand, the memories, the opportunities... They are so close to my heart. I am 100% positive that THD wouldn’t have happened if it weren’t for the lessons and relationships I made through Massage Envy.

Have a pain or need some time to relax… Massage can fix that! Call any one of the 8 Jacksonville Massage Envy’s and get some ME Time in your life :)

Click HERE for location information.

Ballet Arts Centre: If there was ever an example of a woman of beauty and grace, it would be Sydney of Ballet Arts Centre. We met during our Braided Light Dance Project days and then worked alongside each other at Jacksonville Country Day School. I was blessed to watch her as she took on her studio and is now in her THIRD season! This will be my third year setting a piece on her company girls and it is truly amazing to watch BAC grow. Three Hearts Dance is forever grateful for the support of Sydney and BAC!

Ballet Arts Centre is a great home for dancers of all ages! They offer everything from Tiny Dancer to Adult Classes. Check it out!

Eriden Images: Wow... Eriden Images is100% an answer to prayer.... Like, several different prayers. I am quite sure Will of Eriden Images is the only person that believed in me from day 1 and truly saw the vision of Three Hearts Dance. I am still in awe of how he creates exactly what I envision in my brain. When THD started, I said that this company wouldn’t work unless we had a business partner that could create our visuals with excellence. Eriden Images does this. Over and above. Every time. I don’t think I can thank Will enough for all his hard work and dedication to Three Hearts Dance!

Want to see this genius’ work? Click HERE!

Jax Brickhouse: Several years ago I was gifted with a life changing job of being my mentor’s personal assistant. This was one of the most exciting and hands on learning experiences I have ever had. One day while I was filing papers, she said, “We will need to start a new folder for this. It’s a new project. But, don’t tell anyone about it.” Over the weeks she slowly started explaining tidbits of her “side project.” I remember thinking how freaking amazing she was. A visionary making things happen… This time she would be renovating a building in Springfield into beautiful luxury apartments. I remember the first time I walked through Jax Brickhouse... thinking, “She did it.” This is no longer just a new folder collecting paperwork. This is now a new part of the Springfield community!

Check out Jax Brickhouse. They are even on Airbnb!

3NMotion: There is nothing better than hardworking women supporting other hard working women. Our relationship with 3NMotion is a true example of this. Although our connection is still fresh, I am overwhelming grateful for their support, space, and welcoming community. I am looking forward to watching our teams grow together!

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