Called to be Crazy

Sometimes I feel crazy. When I tell people I am a dance teacher, their faces read, “that’s cute.” As if they want to pat me on my head, the same way a grandma would when you would play house as a child. They ask, “What will you do when your body won’t let you anymore?” Like I assume most movers do, we try to explain why we chose this, or justify that we are professionals too, or add details of our position to plead our case.

Then, I tell people about Three Hearts Dance. More faces. More questions. This is when I feel the vibes of judge mental thoughts floating out of their minds and into my bubble. No, starting a dance company… that’s about real life and Jesus…. isn’t ‘normal’ or ‘safe’ or ‘comfortable.’ Yes, It is a lot of work and sometimes costs me time, money, and peace. But, THIS is what Jesus made me for. Jesus called me to dance ministry… to teach children and adults to use their bodies to tell their stories, not just sugar coat life as a follower of Christ, but to get down to the core of our souls - take those moments and make dance.

A couple of weeks ago I was reminded that I don’t do this for those skeptical eyes. I do this for the eyes looking up at me. I spent the afternoon with my niece; my bestest friend ever. She asked to play, “dance show.” She led me out to the patio and asked me to play her favorite song. Then she proceeded to lead me through several dances, an intermission… complete with a costume change- 2 more dances, and then the best final pose ever. Please note the picture above… pose and costume… HA! I watched and listened as she perfectly described each move. I recognized moves that she learned in dance class (shout out to Reach Destiny Arts) and some that she has seen through THD stories. (Morgan Brown- thanks to Moving Testimonies she still loves dancing with chairs.) She structured a show… And told me what each “piece” was about… Y’ALL my Auntie heart melted.

THIS is it. THIS is why we are called to live out our callings… Not for our egos or resumes… but for others. For young kids to see that they can do whatever their heart craves to do. For adults who need to be reminded that they NEED to do those things that make their souls soar and not to feel guilty because, “they have better ways to spend their time.” For the 4 year old that pulls at the edges of my shirt saying, “Ms. Lexie, you’re the best teacher ever.” These eyes are open to receive. These dancers may never dance outside of our time together… or, go on to be professionals. Our audience members may not even be Christian. But, in our times shared together I see a spark of freedom unleashed. I pray these times I get to share my calling with others will show them that life is a best enjoyed when you’re walking… or dancing… in your life’s calling!

Sometimes I feel crazy, but then I think… maybe I am Called to be Crazy.