EXPERIENCE: (N) an event or occurrence that leaves an impression

Summer is the season of freedom! The goal of the Three Hearts Dance Summer Experience was to create a space for dancers ages 12-16 to challenge themselves as artists, performers, and creative thinkers. To unleash freedom to think, move, and grow in new ways.

Each day of the camp we focused on a word to carry us through our day! Improvisation games were geared around these topics. At the end of our time together, dancers were asked to answer questions on what these words meant to them. Three Hearts Dance was thrilled to see such young minds pushing through the set standard… Stepping out as movers and thinkers. Check out a recap of our week below!!

DAY ONE: HEART (N): one’s mood or feeling, courage, enthusiasm, center of a person’s thoughts & emotions, compassion, love, central or inner most part of something.

“Heart isn’t an organ in your body, but the thing that leads somewhere you enjoy going. It’s the thing God created to share with others.. To love people and ourselves for who we are.”

– Miya

DAY TWO: PASSION (N): Strong and barely controllable emotion, state of outburst of strong emotion, intense, enthusiasm

“Jennifer Hudson shared her passion and inspired me. So, I want to inspire people with mine.”

– Samantha

DAY THREE: CREATIVITY (N): the use of imagination or original ideas, especially in production of an artistic work

“Creativity is important. It’s good to draw outside of the lines sometimes and lose yourself while being unique.”

– Hanna

DAY FOUR: EMPATHY (N): the ability to understand and share the feelings of another.

“A girl was empathetic to me when my dog died in the 2nd grade. She stood by my side the whole time.”

DAY FIVE: COURAGE (N): the ability to do something that frightens one. Strength in the face of pain or grief.

“Watching these girls perform in the film atmosphere with such confidence and courage was a beautiful sight. Being able to lead a company where dancers feel safe to share their light….. THIS is what it is all about.” – Lexie

Our week wrapped up with our video shoot with Eriden Images. Summer Experience dancers and THD Company dancers joined together to finally film our piece. What a joy it was to watch young dancers try something new for the first time….. This was a reminder of why I do what I do… Dance is so cool. Following the shoot dancers joined together…A party filled with laughter and a few brownies. I love these girls and it was an honor to share this with them!!

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No worries if you missed out on our first Summer Experience…. Round 2 will be hosted 7/24-26… For more information email