Dropping the Facade, the story behind Without Walls

Being an analytical thinker, I like to categorize things. To put everything in nice, neat boxes;

[things] [people] [relationships]

And as long as you only look at things on a superficial level, the boxes always make sense.

[But people, and the relationships you build with people, they're complex.]

They don't always fit into the box you design for them. And that is where my story starts.

After high school, going into college, I began to grow and figure out who I am as an adult. And as I did this, I began to create perfectly designed boxes for everything,

even myself.

And as I continued to grow, graduate, and start a career, I felt the pressure to stay in the box I had identified myself with. This box gave me a sense of self. To me,

it was who I was.

I had been squeezing into parts of that box for so long that I didn't even realize that

it wasn't who I am.

Change is scary, but it wasn't just me who was afraid to see the changes. And as I began to see that I had been editing myself to fit into this old box, I started tearing down some walls. As a result some relationships in my life experienced tension.

The facade had been let down.

The relationships built on ideas of who we thought each other to be, were no longer as easy or made sense. But the relationships that did survive and the new ones being formed were different. They are much more real.

There's no more editing.

No more watering down.

No more fragmentation of who you are to fit the situation.

I've realized that I can be both

organized and messy

punctual and a procrastinator

a dancer and a scientist

And while I may not love every aspect of who I am,

pretending to be something perfect isn't going to make anyone happy.

So my analytical mind still organizes things, but these boxes are not nearly as rigid.

I have kept the structure and dropped the walls.

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