Awakening Perspective

Inspired. Creative. Bold. These are the words I wanted people to use when they described me. It had been my heart's desire since I was a little girl. But, I did not use these words to describe myself.

I did not understand how to value or cultivate these traits within myself, even though I admired and longed to emulate them. It got so bad that I began to devalue these traits in others, in a vain attempt to soothe my own insecurities.

Thankfully, God did not let me wallow in my self pity forever. He led me to a place where I was surrounded by fiercely bold, infinitely creative, and wildly inspired individuals. As iron sharpens iron, these individuals challenged me to embrace the beauty in those traits. I began not only to admire those traits again, but to respect them and the people who embodied them.

Then something unexpected happened. I began to see these traits in myself. I allowed myself to explore them through my dance and choreography. I began see them as a valuable part of what I bring to the table.

I am thankful for my experiences with Three Hearts Dance. As a catalyst for my artistry, it has been a safe and challenging place for me to grow and explore. Wise mentors planted seeds in my soul early on. Here, many of those seeds have been watered and begun to bloom in this environment.

Inspired. Creative. Bold. I can describe myself in these terms now. It is a gift to work alongside beautiful women who are choosing to be confident and purposeful; each person interacting with their gifts and using them to bless others. Amen.