New Beginnings

I knew this season God was going to be moving big in ways we never expected. Every step of the way has been a blessing as God reveals more and more of His plan for us this season. Excitement continues to build as we move boldly and confidently in faith, believing God for his promises of opening more doors, lighting our path, unleashing freedom, and leading us in Bold Beauty.

Going into this season with Three Hearts Dance, God has really stirred and me a desire for deeper depths and higher heights in Him and inside myself. Since I have entered this season with THD I have experienced a great amount of growth and freedom and it is only the beginning. I never imagined my life unfolding so perfectly the way that it has so far.

The relationships I have built with these women have been remarkable. They have been a serious answer

to prayer, and I am amazed every day to see their stories unfold as they grow and their lives transform. These women have shown me a true form of friendship. How to be there for each other, how to lift each other up, working together, praying together, all for the Glory of God unleashing freedom.

This season for me has been all about new beginnings, growing and changing, stepping into who God created me to be and walking out that path everyday. Walking confidently and boldly in my identity in Christ without fear of tomorrow. I have been truly blessed by Three Hearts Dance and I cannot wait to see how largely God continues to move the rest of the season.

“See, I will create new heavens and a new earth. The former things will not be remembered, nor will they come to mind”(Isaiah 65:17).