Can I?

Can I Get This Off my Chest?

I am tired. My face gives away my thoughts. I like dancing at clubs. I don't like my thighs. I wear multiple patterns at the same time. I have amazing family and friends. I swear. I struggle with addictions and obsessions. I really like cheese dip. I want to be an adult… without bills. I want my life to look like Pintrest... covered in glitter. I run away. I think I know it all. I spend entirely too long picking filters for Instagram photos. I am jacked up. I sometimes question if real love and relationships even exist. I change my mind. I am a perfectionist. I want it all. I am a control freak. I question if faith is real… even though I see signs of His goodness everyday. I am a sinner. I am a work in progress.

Can I Be Honest?

Jesus is love. Jesus is my provider. Jesus sets me free. Jesus brings beauty. Jesus is faithful to me. Jesus brings wisdom. Jesus brings closure and peace. Jesus is forgiving and gracious. Jesus is compassionate. Jesus is committed. He is gentle and patient. Jesus is Holy and Sovereign. He is in the business of building up and making new. He is the ultimate meditator. Jesus is good to me.

Can I Be Real?

I gave my heart to Jesus. He is working His story in me. I want to share it with you in the best way I know how… Dance. I am Three Hearts Dance.... and this is a Three Hearts Dance Story.

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